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The Saber hand-wind MP3 player
Saber MP3 player

The Saber is a solid-state digital player with hand wind power. It enables people to listen to Scripture in areas without electricity.

It has an amplifier, speaker and sound box, so it can play at significant volume with good quality. This makes it ideal for use in groups. It handles speech and music equally well.

The Saber is powered from internal rechargeable batteries. A built in generator allows the machine to be recharged by turning the handle. External power sources, such as AC/DC power packs, solar panels, or batteries, can also be used to recharge the machine.

Its memory can be expanded by using a memory card to contain, for example, more languages or health information. Operation of the device is simple, and can easily be mastered by people who are not literate and not technical.

The Saber MP3 Player & Picture Books being used in Nepal (left, middle) and Nigeria (far right)

Read here a report on how the Sabers are being used alongside picture-books in Mozambique.
Saber MP3 being used in Mozambique

Watch the video below to see it's development by Global Recordings Network and an explanation on how it works.

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