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These are our audio resources for evangelism and basic Bible teaching. They are designed especially for people in minority languages and oral societies, but they work well in many situations.
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Playback Machines
Saber MP3 player
This is the new Saber MP3 player. Click on the link to its own page to read more about it and also watch a short video about it's development by GRN with an explanation on how it works.
GRN UK provide two types of hand-wind cassette players. They are called the 'Messenger' and the 'TapeTalk'. These players are especially useful where there is no electricity or batteries available. They are used in many of the hundreds of thousands of remote villages around the world.

Audio Visual Materials
Cassettes & CDs

Audio Recordings are available in over 5,750 languages on cassette, CD and in MP3 format.They are used in conjunction with colourful A3 size flip charts, A5 size booklets and A7 size books. These presentations are available in hundreds of languages. As the recording is played the pictures are displayed.

Our Range of Picture Books
Picture Books are a most effective way to present Bible stories in chronological order. One set is the 'Good News' which presents a 40 page overview of the Bible from Creation to Christ and covers the salvation message and basic teaching on the Christian life.
Look, Listen & Live Picture Books
Another set is called 'Look, Listen and Live' and is excellent for evangelism, children’s work and Christian teaching. The series presents Old Testament characters, the life of Jesus, and the young church. 'The Living Christ' is a visual view of the life and ministry of Jesus. This comes with a 120 picture set and a double cassette or CD.
For more detailed information on "Good News" and "Look, Listen and Live", please click on the links.
Bible Picture CDs
These contain over 400 Bible pictures from the "Good News" and the "Look, Listen and Live" and "The Living Christ" picture series. The images are in colour and in black & white format for colouring in.