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Below are reports of places visited by GRN UK, to record Bible Stories in people's own languages, and to distribute previous recordings on CD & DVD, picture books and Saber MP3 players. Click on the title to read the report, or click on the button to view a slideshow of pictures taken during the trip.

Salvation Centre, Russia
Click on the picture above to link to The Salvation Centre in Russia and read the report from April 2012 on the left.
Watch below a slideshow from recent visits to Kosova


Watch the videos below from our mission work
Giving out aid and LRUK picture books to the Romany people in Kosova, March 2010
Phil, from the UK, leading a small pastors' conference at the Victory Church, Gjakova, Kosova, March 2011
  Pakistan Sept 2016 Pakistan September 2016    
  Summer 2016 Summer Trips 2016 Slideshow
  Prague February 2016 Prague February 2016    
  Ecuador 2015 Ecuador September 2015    
  Kosova June 2015 Kosova June 2015 Slideshow
  Australia Summer 2014 Australia Summer 2014    
  Kosova June 2013 Kosova June 2013    
  Bergen, Norway 2012 Norway September 2012    
  Morocco July 2012 Morocco June 2012    
  Kosova May 2012
  Recording in Russia, April 2012    
  GRN Australia, Sabers ready for distribution
  Kosova September 2011
  Kosova May 2011
Serbia April 2011
Serbia April 2011    
Thailand March 2011
Slovakia October 2010
Giving out aid in Kosova, Sept 2010

  Our Group in Kosova, June 2010
  Flip Charts being used in Kosova
  Lapland January 2010
Kosova Revisited November 2009

Kosova June 2009

Slovakia April 2009
Kosova Oct08


Papua New Guinea
A truck full of aid arrives in Kosova
Lapland Scenery
Flip Charts being used in Kosova, June 2009
Kenny recording in Slovakia, April 2009
Papua New Guinea, May 2003
Recording in Kosova, April 2008
Slovenia, August 2008