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Updated on 27-June-2017
Recording in Gabri-Kimri, Chad
Our vision at
Global Recordings Network UK

"telling the story of Jesus in over 6,000 languages".

We are the UK office of Global Recordings Network with many centres around the world, supplying The Gospel message to those waiting to hear.....
Recording in Gabri-Kimri language, from Chad
Watch an introduction to the work of GRN on video....


Spoken Languages of the World

It is estimated that there are over 10,000 spoken languages and dialects in the world. GRN has recorded Gospel messages and/or basic Bible teaching in nearly 6,000 of them.

Most of these languages are available for Free Download from GRN
Recent News - see more on the Latest News page
New June 2017 Kenny has just returned from a week in Kosova, taking a small team with aid for the people there and giving out GRN materials. Read his short report here

June 2017 Our latest Wavelength Prayer Guide for June/July is out now. If you would like to support us and our GRN partners in prayer, then please download it here

April 2017 Kenny has just returned from 3 weeks in Togo, West Africa. He was training recordists from several African countries. Read his short report here Recordist Training in Togo

February 2017 Read here an article on the main GRN website about our current news

February 2017 In this Messenger newsletter, read about our recent projects and our future plans Messenger Newsletter February 2017

November 2016 12 Sabers, solar panels and flip-charts have been taken to Chad, carried by Amos who has made the original Bible translations regularly over a number of years. This project has been funded by County Trust and has the potential to reach many thousands with the Gospel.
Sabers & Books for Chad Kenny & Amos

October 2016 Kenny and Joan have recently returned from 3 weeks in Pakistan training a recordist in the GRN office. Read here a short Newsletter report about their trip.

Summer 2016 Kenny has sent out a Newsletter about his recent trips this summer, read a copy here.

Summer 2016 Kenny has been on a few trips this summer, to Canada, Germany, Kenya and Kosova. He writes about his travels here, and there is also a Picture Video to watch here.
Watch Kenny's introduction to GRN UK

Have a look at a new GRN mobile website for downloading stories about Jesus in your own language....

Read more about www.5fish.mobi
on the Latest News page
Give it a try!
5fish - New Mobile Website

We have a new information leaflet about the work we do from the UK.
Click on the image to download a copy.
GRNUK Leaflet
See our range of Products; CDs, DVDs, cassettes, Bible picture books & flip charts; also hand-wind tape players & the "Saber" MP3 player
The Messenger, our Newsletter
The Messenger
our newsletter, is published several times a year and contains all our latest news.
Recording in Serbia
Read about our recent recording trips to Serbia, Prague, Kosova & other places, & view some slideshows on our
Mission page
GRNUK is a non-profit organisation, which operates primarily from the gifts of God’s people.
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The Saber being used in Nepal
See the Saber information page for details about this great MP3 player and how it is used
Images from Kosova March 2010